We love the European classics…

But we are also intrigued with the some of the American future classics we have seen produced from the 90’s forward.

ORVA Auto was founded by two personal collectors who have a total admiration for the combustible engine and the incredible engineering of fine exotics produced from the 60’s forward. Our love for analog, manual transmissions give us that true soul-wrenching experience of shifting through the gears on a winding road that only the early based exotics can provide.  

While we appreciate fully restored vehicles, we look for well-loved originals that we can enjoy and pass on to the next caretaker to enjoy!  Originality with as much historical information as possible is important, but any unloved exotic is welcomed by ORVA Auto. We will make it as mechanically enjoyable as possible.

We stay in touch with fellow collectors to find the best exotics and overlooked gems with interesting histories.  Although we develop strong connections with all our acquired exotics, we work hard to ensure future caretakers can enjoy them to the fullest.

We are here to offer any assistance in helping you obtain your dream exotic or sell your loved exotic — either way we welcome the conversation.

Currently Available

1986 Ferrari 412

1988 Testarossa

Complete engine out service performed at 14,863 miles July, 2020

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